0960 What Network in the Philippines – Globe or Smart?

0960 What Network In the Philippines, two major telecommunication giants dominate the market: Globe and Smart. Understanding which network suits your needs best can be a perplexing decision. Each network has its strengths and weaknesses, making it vital to delve deeper into their offerings and services.

Understanding Globe Network

Globe Telecom, commonly known as Globe, is one of the leading telecommunications service providers in the Philippines. Renowned for its innovative services, Globe offers a wide range of services catering to various communication needs.

Services Offered by Globe

Globe provides mobile services, broadband, and fixed-line services. Its mobile network includes calls, texts, and data plans. Moreover, Globe offers high-speed internet through its broadband services, ensuring connectivity for both residential and business customers.

Network Coverage and Reliability

Globe has extensive network coverage across the Philippines. Its reliability in urban and rural areas has improved over the years, providing consistent connectivity.

Exploring Smart Network

Smart Communications, popularly known as Smart, is another major player in the Philippines’ telecommunication industry. Similar to Globe, Smart offers a plethora of services aimed at meeting various communication needs.

Services Offered by Smart

Smart provides mobile communication services, internet plans, and digital solutions. It offers various call, text, and data packages tailored to different user requirements. Additionally, Smart’s high-speed internet services cater to both individual and business clients.

Network Coverage and Reliability

Smart boasts a vast network coverage throughout the Philippines, ensuring connectivity in remote areas as well. Its reliability has significantly improved, making it a competitive option.

Comparative Analysis of Globe and Smart 0960 What Network

Speed and Performance

Both Globe and Smart 0960 What Network deliver high-speed internet and consistent connectivity. However, specific locations might experience variations in speed and performance.

Tariff Plans and Packages

Globe and Smart offer diverse tariff plans and packages, catering to different budgets and usage patterns. Users can select plans based on their preferences and requirements.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service is a crucial aspect to consider. Globe and Smart have established customer support systems, but users’ experiences might vary.

Factors Influencing Choice Between Globe and Smart

Geographic Availability

Geographic location plays a significant role in determining the better network. Users should consider the network’s coverage in their specific areas.

User Preferences and Needs

Individual preferences and needs vary. Some may prioritize data plans, while others may focus on call and text packages.

Promotional Offers and Deals

Both Globe and Smart frequently introduce promotional offers and deals. Users can benefit from these offerings based on their requirements.

User Experiences and Reviews

Positive Aspects of Globe Network

Users appreciate Globe’s diverse services, innovative offerings, and improved network reliability.

Positive Aspects of Smart Network

Smart garners praise for its wide network coverage, competitive pricing, and reliable services.

Criticisms and Concerns

However, some users criticize both networks for occasional network downtimes, customer service issues, and tariff complexities.


Choosing between Globe and Smart 0960 What Network in the Philippines hinges on individual needs, preferences, and location. Both networks offer competitive services, but users should assess their requirements carefully before making a decision.


Which network offers better coverage in rural areas?

Both Globe and Smart have expanded their coverage in rural areas, but it’s advisable to check the specific coverage in your locality.

Are there differences in data speed between Globe and Smart?

Speed may vary based on location, but both networks offer high-speed data services.

Do Globe and Smart offer international roaming services?

Yes, both networks provide international roaming services with different packages.

Can I switch between Globe and Smart easily?

Yes, you can switch between networks, but it might involve changing SIM cards and plans.

Which network has better customer service?

Customer service experiences vary among users, so it’s recommended to check recent reviews and experiences.

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